Outside broadcast
Just as every component used in the construction of our units is of the highest possible quality, we also place great emphasis on carefully selecting our partners and suppliers from the absolute market leaders in the TV production industry. That is why we work with market leaders such as Sony, Canon, Evs, Lawo, Riedel, Evertz, etc.

While the actual technical specifications of our products may vary (and should) according to the specific production or project, certain characteristics are unchanging, however. All HDR products maintain the highest possible standards and incorporate only the best quality materials and components. We design and build all of our products to provide the perfect combination of Function, Design, and Quality. To date, we have invested in and built four 24 camera, 20 seat HDTV trailers that will enable us to compete on a broad front in our selected markets. Our units are capable of carrying out all types of HD productions and in a very cost effective fashion.

Functional Design
Our units can accommodate up to 22 operators and be wired for more than 24 cameras. Our units can produce both standard definition (SDI) and (naturally) HDTV, in both 1080i and 720p/50 format. Our audio rooms also maintain the highest possible standards, both in terms of technology and work-environment (low noise), and allow high-end 5:1 audio mixing directly in the trailer, which means that you do not need extra audio buses for the unit.

The OB Vans' interior design uses only the most durable and attractive materials. Featuring a stylish and clean Scandinavian design of white, silver, platinum, and wood, our products provide a working environment that is as pleasant as it is functional.