A full service
media center.

From drama to comedy to sport, if you are looking for professionalism and expertise, HDR is your one-stop production partner. We work with a wide variety of High Definition productions, covering almost every type of live, studio or mobile recording, and handle everything from pre-production to filming, post-production and editing, and contribution.

HDR is a modern, privately owned media center with two permanent production facilities in central Stockholm, offering a total of 10 HD studios. For onsite and live broadcast productions we have a fleet of HD OB busses. Our mobile and studio control rooms have been designed by experienced professionals to suit the work-flow of modern productions and our post-production and editing facilities are state-of-the-art and can be rented manned or un-manned. We also offer a full range of production and post-production services, covering everything from editing, archiving and graphic production to operators and project management. Whatever your production needs, HDR can help you ensure total control of your content from camera to final delivery.

We started on the field and in the field

HDR started as an OB Bus production facility, specialized in live sporting events, perhaps the most challenging form of production around. We have brought this expertise to all that we do, ensuring a seamless and productive working environment, with full comfort and control. We are connected to all Allsvenskan, Superettan, and Elite series handbolls arenor.

HDR was there at the start of the live video revolution, providing high-definition, live streaming from anywhere where an OB Bus could go. Now, with our LiveU backpack kits, even that limitation is gone. Wherever you shoot, from virtually anywhere in the world, we guarantee high-quality, flawless live video, transmitted, with patented bonding and video transport technology.

HDR is the gold-standard for live video production, delivering consistent bandwidth and fast, reliable connections. With HDR, you can capture, manage, edit, and distribute high-resolution broadcasts in the studio, on the field, or in the field.

We have built our reputation by providing market leading products and highly skilled services backed by our years of experience to clients all over Europe.

Other services


HDR’s ArenaPlay is a portal where you can quickly and easily find all the matches, clips, and action from Allsvenskan, Superettan and Landslaget. We have indexed thousands of television hours going back to 2001 with detailed search data to make it easy to filter and find exactly the sports moment you are looking for. Find out more at arenaplay.se.


Onside is HDR’s own in-house, in-stadium production facility, covering everything from production to publication, and providing just as many or as few resources as you need to get the right production into the right hands. In addition to sporting productions, Onside can also offer comprehensive corporate video services, helping you to define, shape, and create your message. For more information, go to Onside.se.


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